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About Us

PsychKits was founded by Gerry Palmer, an educator who taught psychology at the secondary and collegiate levels for 39 years. The team at PsychKits has more than 75 years of service in private and public school settings.

Areas of the brainWe believe, that using the right tools and techniques, all students can learn and have fun doing it. When students have fun in your classes, they learn better and your job gets easier.

With our games and demos you can cover almost all the MI bases!


What the Educators Are Saying

"This photo represents three years of students creating their own personality masks, along with an informative essay on how their masks represented the various fields of psychological study, and sharing out in class, which results in a lot tears and bonding between my students. Hope you can appreciate, what your masks have done for my students."
—Mr. Blackshaw, William Workman High, Industry, CA

"Psychkits are well made, documented well, and can help provide psychology teachers ready-made materials so that they can focus on implementing productive learning activities."
—Rob McEntarffer, APSI, Psychology Presenter

"Gerry, I never wrote to thank you. The 4th and 5th graders at my local elementary school had great fun with the perception goggles during my recent brain presentations there. Thanks *so* much for your help!"
—Therissa L., Annapolis, MD

"Thanks for offering such fun supplies and interesting supplemental activities at such reasonable costs. My students favorite demos are: Hand Dominance Demo, Auditory Localization, Taste Bud Demo and of course the goggles (they are my student's all time favs). Thanks again."
— J.D., Helix Charter HIgh School, La Mesa, CA

"This is my second time purchasing from you and as an AP Psych teacher, I love your products and ideas. Thank you so much for the wonderful products."
—J.M., Marietta, GA

"The distortion goggles are awsome. My kids are having a wonderful time with them."
—L.H., Marietta, GA

"Thanks for the great website - can't wait to get my order. Just having all those demos on sensation and perception saves me huge amounts of time just getting all that stuff together."
—K. L., Naples, FL

I discovered Psychkits through an AP* Summer Institute, where the facilitators and attendees both had high praise for not just the durability and longevity of the already-assembled products, but of their relevance to students' everyday lives. The Psychkits staff provided personalized service and professional correspondence, and my order was received and shipped swiftly. Overall, I was very pleased with the products' quality and the excellent customer service that I received. Psychkits is trustworthy and dedicated to bolstering your lessons with relevant, hands-on products—you will not be disappointed (and do take advantage if their freebies)!
—Jim B., Troy, MI

"Hi Gerry. The personality masks were a BIG hit! Even my American History students wanted to do the project. Your products have made class a lot of fun for all of us."
—Beth Smith, Winter Park High School, Winter Park, FL

"Dear Gerry: I want to thank you for the materials you provided for the last UTOPS (Utah Teachers Of Psychology Seminar) fall institute. Your materials are always a hit! Thank you for your continued support of our Conference. Your materials help teachers improve their classes and positively impact their students. Thanks."
—Kristin Whitlock, Viewmont High School, Bountiful, UT

"Hi Gerry: Thanks for sending so many games and demos from your PsychKits website to the AP workshop Kent Korek and I ran up at Carlton College this past June. The AP teachers at the workshop had a great time 'playing' and trying out the demos and activities you sent. I'm ordering some of your perception goggles to use in my S&P class this fall. Thanks for all you are doing to help us make Psychology fun."
—Gretchen Hanson Gotthard, PhD, Dept. of Psychology
Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, VA

"Thanks so much for your great psychology activities!! My students never know what to expect. It is wonderful to finally have access to inexpensive and user-friendly tools that make Psych even more fun. Keep up the great work and keep the new ideas coming!!"
—Michelle Farley, Borah High School, Boise, ID

"I got my box of activities from you yesterday. I went through all of them last night and can't wait to try them out with my kids."
—April Martin, Middleburg High School, Middleburg, FL

"I got my goggles the other day and used them in class yesterday. They are a huge hit."
—Ray Loverso